Why everybody should do more hangs!

Are you incorporating hangs in your training?

I strongly recommend everybody to include hangs in their workout regime. The benefits are endless and for many different goals too!

There are a bunch of different types of hangs and the one I’d like to talk more about in this post is the passive hang. By a passive hang I mean not just keeping the shoulder area passive but the rest of the body as well.

Passive hangs are great to improve grip strength. Holding on to a bar or rings with your whole body hanging off the floor can be hard for your hands but the more you do it the better your grip strength gets.

Passive hangs are great to open up the shoulders. When doing hangs with a completely passive shoulder you stretch muscles around the shoulder and shoulder blade in flexion. The passive hang stretches muscles like latissimus dorsi, pectoralis and serratus anterior (note this will feel very different depending on the person due to different tightness) and can give great relief on the lower back!





Passive hangs will decompress your spine. With the long hours of sitting and standing we do today the spine gets compressed, which can lead to a tight and immobile spine. With regular passive hangs you can improve your spine mobility!

Once you can do a passive hang for 60 seconds you can now start exploring other types of hangs that are more challenging for the grip, that strengthens the latissimus dorsi muscle, that strengthens the shoulder blade retraction and much more.

Start doing hangs today and you will shorten the time to your first front/back/side levers, increase weights in the 3 main lifts; deadlift, squat andbench press, better your posing technique on stage and decrease risk of injuries!

Get hanging today!

Not sure how to do this?

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Happy hanging!


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