We believe in the community

People coming together as a community can make things happen”

– Jacob Rees-Mogg


In Sweden we have a saying “Alone is strong”.

If it comes from our culture where the individual is often independent of others, or if it is being too proud to ask for help I’m not sure – or maybe it is meant to build your inner strength so you learn to depend only on yourself.

Something I saw a lot of when I came to Australia 2.5 years ago was the many communities you have here whether that is in training, eating healthy or save the bush from bush fires, they are widely spread over this big Island.

I don’t think the saying “Alone is Strong” is true, at all.

I believe in the communities.

I believe we can achieve much more together and get stronger in many regards if we learn how to work together and take help from each other.




Think about it; the typical client that comes to us don’t necessarily know that much about training or nutrition, they barely have time to train in between work and picking up the kids, they don’t have the motivation to go consistently… and this is where the community comes in!

As a community you can share experiences and knowledge with others to overcome obstacles like not having enough time, not knowing what to do or how to find your inner motivation and the reasons why you want to achieve these goals!

Luke and I work hard to create that support net for our clients by bringing them together on a monthly basis for our education session. By bringing people with similar goals and daily struggles together they can learn, connect and support each other to a wider extent than we as coaches can do alone.

We believe in the community.


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