The journey of the end goal

Have you also come to realise that there is no “end goal”?

I talk a lot about my gymnastics training (with lack of a better word I use gymnastics, but it’s actually a bit of a hybrid program that includes strength and mobility exercises that will improve my body to move better) and it’s because I feel it’s given me more than a training regime to follow. For me gymnastics is a great way of describing that there’s no end goal, your whole training life will be a journey where you reach goals and keep reaching for new ones. You are never done. There won’t ever be a time where you can sit back and say “Yep, I’ve learnt it all, I’m a master of this type of training”.

In training there’s all these different exercises to master and when you’ve mastered them all you’ll find new ones, variations or different programming that will allow you to keep progressing. It’s not only that we have access to a lot of knowledge about training and that this is what you “can” do. When you find something that you really enjoy, training will transform into this inner drive focusing on continued learning and progression.

It’s the continued learning and progression that many people would say is the end goal; others would call it “the journey”.

I think this is quite important to understand because training often comes down to integrity. With a high work ethic and integrity in training you will not be satisfied with a half good squat, you will train till you perfect it. You are honest with yourself and you won’t settle for less than extraordinary. This won’t make your journey longer because it’s a never-ending journey but it’ll make it harder and more rewarding.

If you haven’t yet found what you like to train or practice, you won’t have the integrity or see training as a journey, all you can see is the end goal. Why would your work ethic be high if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing? It’s like your typical job right! If you use a type of training you don’t enjoy to reach your goal all you care about is the end goal and how to get there as fast and with as little effort as possible.

What I would like you to take away from this article is; when you find the type of training you enjoy you will train with high work ethics and integrity and this will be more rewarding than the goal you set before you started, you will understand what it means when people say “It’s all about the journey”

Boring training --> Low work ethic --> Integrity --> Cheating/Lazy --> End goal

Enjoyable training --> High work ethic + Integrity --> Results --> Journey

Find what you love training and let the journey begin! 🙂 

- Fanny​

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