Movement for fat loss

If you’re diet is good, you’re training hard and you’re sleeping well but still not losing fat you need to trouble shoot; Why am I not losing fat?

You have the typical person with a desk job that comes in because they’ve gained way too much weight since they’ve started their new job- “The desk job” and now it is time for them to get rid of that excess! But it’s often not “just” to get started with training and eat better for these people to lose fat, they also need to address the “desk job”!

What we often see with these types of people (desk job-folks) is that they simply don’t get enough movement into their everyday life. In general when it comes to fat loss we need to have a look at energy in versus energy out. For fat loss we need to use more than what we put in the bread hole 1, 2. Looking at everyday activity and movement will be important for these guys and everything from parking further away from work so the walk increases, to taking the stairs instead of the elevator will be helpful. Many people try to get their training in before or after work, which is awesome!

If you have a desk job I would like to encourage you to train before or after work (lunch time gets a little to busy and stressful in my opinion and could have a reverse effect but if that’s honestly the Only time you can get it in, by all means do it!) and at lunch time why not get outside moving for another 30 minutes?

Take every opportunity you have to move around!

Our bodies are design to move and will slowly deteriorate if you don't! 

Here’s what you can do during your lunch break:

Try some new mobility exercises for your lower body (it will tighten up from sitting down and you will feel so much better!)

Walk like different animals; duck walk, bear walk etc

Walk and Stretch

Practice your balance

Or you can do what I did on Sunday morning when I went to the park; improvised movement! It was so much fun, I loved it!! I felt creative and I did movements that felt good and that stretched out my body. Nothing exact in straight lines as we often do when we train but rather in all different plains and angles. I was inspired by Ido Portal.

Apart from being active during your lunch break I would also recommend you to stand up every 20-30 minutes; go to the printer, get more water, stretch your legs or simply just do some arm circles! Be Creative 🙂 

After reading this it’s easy to think, “Yeah I should do that”, change your attitude and act now, say “ Yeah, I will try this tomorrow”, pack your clothes and try it!

 --> Be creativeHave fun - Lose fat <--

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