More Prehab Less Rehab

Lets talk about conditioning your body to the point where injuries have no place in your life any longer.

Most people have heard of “Rehab” – Rehabilitation, which is the type of training you would do after an injury/surgery or other trauma to come back to your original state.

“Prehab” – Rehabilitation is the training you do to avoid injuries. It is the training you do to improve the body’s function and the ability to handle the stress you put on it through training, sport or work.

How can you incorporate prehab into your training regime so that you avoid rehab (I mean injuries!) ?

Imagine an exercise that would improve flexibility, strengthen AND stabilise through the range of motion in a joint!

The answer is: Mobility

A flexibility exercise will increase range of motion in a joint and a mobility exercise will increase range of motion, stabilise (read: control) and strengthen through the range of motion!

You would get most bang for you buck being MOBILE rather than just STRONG or just FLEXIBLE. Having strength, control, body awareness and at the same time be flexible is GOLD and will save yourself from entering the dark whole of injuries.

What would a typical mobility exercise look like?

Mobility exercises could be incorporated as a warm up or in between strength exercises, it depends on goal and what phase you’re in. For one person it could serve as preparation for training but for another person it could be used in a fat loss routine to increase flexibility between sets for maximised results. Luke and I use a lot of mobility exercises to make our clients and athletes strong and flexible!

Do you want to know more about how we avoid injuries by programming prehab into our training regimes?

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