Get leaner with fun training

There’s an interesting trend going on in the fitness industry that I am extremely excited about!

Have you seen all these huge body builder dudes hanging off rings, standing on their hands upside down and stretching?? Yep it’s happening!

Gymnastics strength training and movement practice is something that is growing for both males and females in all different ages. As you know I’m a big advocate of this type of training seeing the great results of injuries going away, and the strength and flexibility my clients and I have gained!

It is also a way of keeping your training interesting. A lot of people actually don’t like doing the typical strength and conditioning that is so good for them and will build muscle and lose fat. Some people learn to like strength training but some fall out because they don’t. I like to make it interesting and challenging for the client (at the same time as I sneak in some mobility!) so they keep their motivation high.

An extra, very welcome, outcome of this type of training in combination with a good nutritious diet that I’ve seen is fat loss! I’ve got a personal experience with this; I’m not a big person, I weighed 59kg in October last year and after 3 months of gymnastic strength training and a nutritious diet (limited gluten, dairy and sugar) I went down to 55kg, I lost 2% fat and gained 1 kg of muscle. With a leaner body today I don’t need to keep my diet as strict, but lets talk about that another time.

There are two things that are good with gymnastics strength and movement training when it comes to keeping things interesting:

1) You are working on a skill rather than a muscle – Many people find it mind numbing to do rep after rep on the bicep curl because it’s not exciting plus it’ll hurt at the end of it! But trying to lift yourself up on the bar or rings is something that is considered “cool” because it’s hard. Anyone can curl a dumbbell but pulling your whole self up and touch the chest on a bar is an amazing feeling of achievement! I know a chin up trains the back and a bicep curl the biceps but you’ll still use your biceps when you pull yourself up and to be honest, what movement would you rather be strong in; being able to pulling your whole body weight up or curling your arm? What’s more useful for you?

2) It brings out your competitive and humble side because skills like handstands, chin ups and planche are cool, but they are hard – There’s nothing that says that you cannot do a free handstand or a planche, it’s all about the journey (I know it’s a bit of a cliché but it’s true). The beauty of the gymnastic strength training as it is today with great online tools like the gymnastic bodies foundation program is that they break it down very well and start with the basics! Working with a good coach that can assess and find out where you’re weak and tight will get you started on that journey. Starting out jumping into a handstand or trying out a planche when you’ve barely done it before just because you’re a strong person is stupid because the joints are not conditioned for this type of training. Set up a clear plan with goals to gradually take you closer to the bigger goals will make you motivated and every time you reach the next level of the particular skill it’ll give you a boost of confidence to keep going, to do that chin up! This process will keep you humble and make you competitive, Trust me!!

Luke keeps reminding us about how adherence or consistency is key for fat loss results. Having a training routine that is FUN that you are more likely to STICK TO will get you the furthest, no doubt! Adding excitement and challenges into your training will keep your competitive and humble side bubbling long after you’ve reached your fat loss goals.

Maybe it’s Gymnastic strength training that is your FUN training, maybe it’s something else… Try it and find out!

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