Easiest sourdough recipe

If you've done sourdough with a sourdough starter before this recipe is probably not for you! BUT if you're keen to get into the sourdough making OR if you've done breads but want to try something different TRY THIS easy sourdough recipe!

500g White premium bakers flour ​

1 tsp bakers yeast (dried yeast)

2 tsp Himalayan salt (pink salt)

Any herbs or fruit you want in it. My favourites are; ​Rosemary & salt or Goji & currants

​340ml filtered water

Mix all the dried ingredients + what ever extras you'd like (fruit or herbs) till it's well combined! ​Then pour in the water and mix at the same time. Mix for as long as you can but when it gets hard you will need to get your fingers dirty! A tip here is to only use one hand and knead the dough by pinching it then take a new grip, pinch then take a new grip, repeat, so that your hand doesn't get too "wet" from the dough and get stuck. You want to knead it enough for it to become a ball of dough then put glad wrap on top and let it rest. 

This is what I do to make it airy: I leave it on the counter until it's risen to about double the size then I push it down with my fingers and fold it so it looks similar to when I first made it. I repeat this 1-2 times/day for 2-3 days, depending on how hot the weather is (Hot weather=less days resting). When you can't wait anymore you make it into a loaf-like shape (don't put it into a tray) and put it on baking paper. Let it rest again for 30min - 2h, it might rise a bit more. 

Bake it: Put the oven on as hot as it gets. Make a cut at the top of the bread lengthways or however you fancy! When hot; place the the bread in the oven, lower rather than too high because it'll rise again, for 25min. Sometimes I put in a little jar with water in the bottom so it gets more moisture, try both ways and see what you prefer. 

I get all my ingredients from my local co-op Alfalfa House in Enmore, Sydney. It's a non profit shop with fresh local produce and organic all you can think of; powders, herbs, dried fruit, teas, oats, beans, lentils, GF pastas and so much more. 

Enjoy 🙂

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