Awareness and Control will build strength


“Knowledge or perception of a situation or fact”

- Consciousness, recognition, realization, apprehension, understanding


“Determine the behavior or supervise the running of”

- Manage, direct, administer, supervise, guide


“One’s own/individual, to take or grasp, sense of the relative position of neighboring parts of the body and strength of effort being employed in movement”

Awareness and control are two things I’m looking to improve in my clients because I know it will improve their proprioception and therefore strength. 

Why? When you know how your body is situated without looking in the mirror you will be able to control where it goes. If you consciously can control where your body goes you will be able to build good proprioception. With good proprioception you can build a strong and powerful body.

How? By exploring as many different planes, angles, situations, positions, movements as you can you will over time build awareness of your body in the different circumstances. Be a beginner and suck at things will develop your brain and body awareness tremendously. Ido Portal talks about the benefit of being in “Zone 1” which means you are an absolute beginner in the position you expose your body to.

What? Exercises that promote increased flexibility, stability and strength that doesn’t involve external load are in my experience great exercises to start with to bring more awareness to your body.

When? By improving the bodies awareness and control; proprioception, at an early stage you will increase strength and lessen the chances for injuries.

With great awareness; consciousness of where your body is positioned, and control; determination of where body parts goes in a movement, your proprioception; ability to respond to external force with correct movement and effort, will improve.

- Fanny 

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