Fanny Tulloch

Tristan Wright

Fanny’s blend of gymnastics, strength training, movement and stretching, has been the perfect alignment for me.

After undergoing five operations for shoulder and hip injuries, during a two year period, I really needed a specialised training program and someone to navigate me through and past those setbacks.

Fanny has been able to not only give me that, but her knowledge is first class and her appetite to learn more really shines through, and that is super impressive.

For me though everything in life is about ‘experience’, and what I love most about Fanny, is the extra lengths she goes to...talking to my physios, recommendations, sending me information that may interest me, her attention to detail and getting to know me and what drives me.

I am so grateful for having Fanny as my coach, she has taken me from a real low point physically and mentally, to being in the healthiest and fittest shape of my life.

Isabelle Cseti-Wall

Fanny is a brilliant trainer. I developed a chronic illness a few years ago, and as a result I lost a lot of fitness and my ability to enjoy life was greatly diminished. Over the last year Fanny has really helped me to stabilise my hyper mobile joints, as well as to build my overall strength so that everyday life just keeps getting better. Even little things like bringing in the shopping or playing with my dogs have come easier.
Fanny is always easy to contact and she never stops learning an improving her own skill set. I recently moved overseas and despite only sharing emails and videos I’m still able to feel confident that I’m getting the best training for my needs.
One of my favorite things about training with Fanny is that she really makes every achievable, challenging, and usually really fun.

Taryn Moran 

I have been a client of Fanny’s at Lift Performance Centre for some time now, and I cannot express enough how fantastic and amazing her expertise and level of professionalism is.
Fanny approaches her training of clients in a very holistic, professional and understanding manner, where she takes the time to understand and individually tailor your individual needs.
Since being a client of Fanny’s, my personal fitness and overall health goals are being met far above and beyond expectation. I will continue to be a client of Fanny’s indefinitely, because she is simply amazing!

- Taryn Moran

Taryn's strength stats:

  • Squat​ - 115kg
  • Deadlift - 138kg
  • Bench press - 90kg
  • Chin ups - 6 reps
  • Dips - 12 reps

Drift-Tjana Ishter

Prior to joining the small group training squad with Fanny I had had relative success in strength building and weight control, however, consistent motivation to train and commitment to a healthy eating plan had always been a personal challenge for me. The knowledge attained whilst training under Fanny had superseded all of my expectations, even having has prior lifting experience at armature competition level.

Being a member of the small group training squad allowed me the space and time to firstly, become familiar with the gym and its equipment, and secondly to feel like a member of the gym in a supportive environment. Training along side, and getting to know people with similar goals really helped break down the fear of being the new person at the gym, and created an opportunity for me to own the space. This really helped to keep me consistent with my training and enjoy the ‘work out’ experience. Knowing Fanny was there, ready to help me through sessions was the push I needed to train four times a week. Having the training sessions at the same time regardless of the day reinforced the routine of doing something good for myself every day no matter how busy or tiring my day had been.

The programs Fanny created and adjusted to suit my goals and ability were appropriate, dynamic and challenging. Fanny trained me through three sets of training programs in the twelve-week period, building on and improving my strength, flexibility and endurance. With each week passed, I could feel and see the progress. I have felt muscles that I didn’t even know existed, and I can actually see them now. The periodic bio signature tests gaged my progression through the program and marked the milestones for my physical and intellectual journey. It indicated how my body was responding to the training program and motivated me to keep focused and eating healthy. Seeing the weight come off in centimeters and the lean muscle being shaped was exciting.

The real key to my successful transformation was training with Fanny. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field, understands and can articulate functioning of the body, and has the experience to back it up. No question went unanswered, and Fanny also understands emotional and intellectual needs of everyday people who want to strive to be exceptional. Fanny’s information during our sessions really helped me understand what I was doing. Activating the right muscle groups with the right movement sounds simple, but until training with Fanny, I had no idea; for years I was missing the point. Fanny gave me nutritional advice and the motivation I needed to keep my diet clean.

I feel extremely inspired from listening and learning from Fanny. She is an exceptional trainer and a wonderful teacher. She is professional and willingly shares her knowledge. At no point did I doubt that she believed that I could achieve my goals. My whole perception of what training the body and mind is, and my understanding of how to enhance my strength and performance has changed completely. Working with Fanny for three months, my flexibility, strength and endurance has vastly improved, gained lean muscle and shed unwanted weight. Fanny created a program that was dynamic, exciting and challenging, which supported me to use my body in new ways. Questioning myself to think about what it was I was actually doing rather than just lifting weights or doing sit ups. Fanny helped me to create change within my thought process that is now the basis of daily practice in my life. I had fun and achieved desired results. I could not have asked for more in a trainer.

- Drift-Tjana Ishter

Prenita Chetty

I started with Coach Fanny as part of the small group training squad at Lift. It has undoubtedly been the best decision I have ever made, with regard to my health, fitness level, and lifestyle.
Since training with Fanny, I have achieved my goals of sustained weight loss, and equally a healthier appreciation of nutrition.
I am immensely grateful and thankful to Fanny for her steadfast commitment to motivating me, encouraging me, and above all believing in me.
I have now developed the tools to live a more active and healthier lifestyle.
I have no hesitation in recommending Fanny's PT services to anyone in the future.

- Prenita Chetty

Levini Tuipulotu

Fanny is truly an amazing trainer! She is the perfect combination of tough (“Fanny, you are KILLING me!”) and enthusiastic (“Vini, you are doing SO well”) and works with the individual – mentally, emotionally and physically. She knows just how and when to encourage and when to push which is shown in her experience & knowledge. Fanny listened to my needs & tailored my workouts to achieve my goals both on & off the field, allowing me to excel and represent at an elite level in women’s gridiron for NSW. Due to Fanny’s hardwork, I am stronger & continuously improving with my flexibility. I couldn’t ask for a more professional & supportive coach. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

– Vini Tuipulotu

Tim Halling

I was unhappy with my appearance and fitness levels last year and decided to start seeing Fanny about 6 months ago. From the outset she listened to what I wanted and developed a diverse range of monthly programs that not only took into account my goals but also my injury history and well-being. As a result of this and her thoughtful nutritional advice I have been stoked with my weight loss and toning results and continue to see progress with each passing month!

– Tim Halling

Danielle Bevins

Having trained with Fanny one-on-one and in her small group sessions, I have no hesitation recommending her as a fantastic personal trainer who's knowledgeable, supportive and tough enough to keep you motivated to achieve your fitness goals!

Fanny's approach to training is holistic and flexible. My program was individually tailored and took account of my time constraints and previous injuries to create a realistic, effective plan that got results.

Her emphasis on incorporating gymnastic elements into training was the "secret sauce" in helping me reach and exceed my aesthetic and strength goals by improving my mobility and range of motion; and she had no problem adapting exercises when my shoulder injury flared up, working closely with Lift Performance Centre's ART Practitioner Jarred to coordinate training and treatment.

Fanny also has a wealth of knowledge about fitness and nutrition and is always keen to share her latest insights, often based on the experience of trialling a new technique or approach in her own training.

- Dani Bevins

Bruce Deppe

I'm from Germany and started online training with Fanny in May this year (2016). In about just over 3 months I've lost 10kg, gained flexibility, strength, stamina and much more. Her way of programming with strength and mobility exercises ingrained and accustomed to my soccer practice schedule has had a great affect on my soccer performance. I feel much stronger and powerful! I truly believe that the nutrition and training plan will affect me for the rest of my life; I cannot imagine that I will eat like I did before!

I’m very thankful for all the help Fanny's given me, I feel awesome and very motivated to keep reaching goals! I feel so much better!

- Bruce Deppe

Pictures below show Bruce before and after the Lucid Health 12-week Online program