How an attitude change finally could get you results

People say they want to change, train this many times, be strict with their eating habits, not drinking any alcohol and the list grows long. However when it comes down to it, they’re not always ready to give up the comfort of their current lives.

As a trainer I’m here to educate and push you to become a stronger, healthier and more confident person. I’m responsible for the training results you get when you follow the plan. I’m here to give you the tools and guide you. I’m more than happy to change your lifestyle, if you are willing to change yourself. It all starts with the attitude change.

Below are a few attributes to adopt if you want results:

Be open for change; open to do things you haven’t done before to get results you’ve never gotten before.

Listen carefully to what the trainer says; by listening you will understand the process of how things will be run, which will make you more confident in the process.

Ask questions; be keen to know the “why” and the “how” of what’s in front of you!

Be willing to do what it takes; you know that if you honestly put in your best effort you will progress.

If you’re honestly open to change, to listen, to ask questions and willing to make a change and follow the plan you will be half way there. The good old saying “You are your own worst enemy” is so true in this situation. If there is a part of you saying “I’m not sure about this, I’m sure I don’t have to put THAT much effort into it, I wouldn’t do it this way, I wonder if it’s better if I…” then you either need to drop the ego of thinking you know how to do this, because you obviously don’t considering you’re asking for help OR you need to find a trainer that will agree to do the things your way.

In my work the plan itself is never “my way or the high way”, it can be adjusted if needed, however when it comes to the attitude and effort it will be all or nothing.

Change your attitude and you will get better results.

- Fanny

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