2 things that will make you efficient and save time!

We all complain about how little time we have that it sometimes become a competition about who’s got the least amount of time. It’s funny how we’re “bragging” about how inefficient we are!
I used to feel completely overwhelmed by basically everything I took on. I was working constantly and yet I felt like I didn’t get that much done. I was exhausted and I often had brain fog from looking at the laptop screen for way too long, yet I kept going like this, until I met my husband and read “Getting things done” by David Allen, that changed the way I organized my time!

How can we become more productive and efficient so we can start bragging about how much time we’ve got instead?



Firstly, to be productive we need to do something, right? Take ACTION. Taking action does not mean what I used to do: Prepare a cup of tea, put cookies on a plate and set up the cushions before you can start working. Taking action means; sit down, open your laptop and start watching the videos about “How to properly make Facebook ads” to learn how to grow your business, for example. We get caught up with all the fuss around taking action and that everything needs to be just right before you can get started. STOP setting up these hurdles for yourself and just get on with it. Like Nike says; Just do it!

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Secondly, have a daily routine you follow to a 100% Monday to Friday, this will set you up for success. A good routine is not that you have a few things in your head that you need to sort out and you have a gap between 1-4pm to do it. A GOOD routine is when you have a schedule of tasks you need to complete today, and when. The more structure you have the better it is! I’ve created a routine for all my daily tasks; everything from when I’m allowed to check social media and emails to when I train and eat. It keeps me structured and is saving me time to knowing what to do, and when.

3 things that has helped me set up a good routine of taking action

  1. Limit time spent on social media platforms/emails
  2. Be strict with time spent doing different tasks throughout the day, ex. When back for lunch I put my stuff down, go straight in the shower, make food and eat, then straight away I grab my laptop and sit down for my daily tasks. I’m not stressing, it just means I’m not reaching for my phone between the these tasks.
  3. With the same base of a routine every day (Mon-Fri) it’s easier to program your body to follow the routine and to create good habits. To break bad habits you need to constantly remind yourself of the new habits and doing it every day will help you remember what to do and when.

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Taking ACTION on important tasks related to my life goals and business instead of looking at my phone has seriously freed up hours of time each day. This might sound like I’m spending hours on my phone every day, however the time it takes for your brain to switch to focus on the important tasks after scrolling through the newsfeed on Facebook adds on, as Luke was talking about in this short video:


You think you’re multitasking but the brain can only do one thing (effectively) at the time.

Starting an everyday ROUTINE has made me much more efficient. Ones you’ve learnt your routine it’ll take minimal time to transition to your next task!

These are two simple things you can take ACTION on today. Don’t be discouraged if it feels hard in the beginning, you will feel the urge of jumping on Facebook. Stick to your plan; put the phone away, make a daily routine-list and follow it for a couple of weeks and I can guarantee you’ll feel more productive than you’ve felt looking at your phone every 5 minutes.

Try it out today and let me know how you go. I’m sure I’ll be able to relate to the many struggles you’ll experience in the beginning. ☺