Luke Tulloch

Listen to Luke sharing his knowledge on Under The Bar-podcast! 


Luke started lifting weights and training seriously for rugby in his teenage years, and this soon developed into a full-blown pursuit of performance in the gym. Luke’s tried his hand at powerlifting, gymnastics and bodybuilding in addition to training for sport performance.

His interest in training and nutrition has led him to study extensively in the USA and at home in Sydney, with a background in physiology and neuroscience. Luke keeps up with the current science, setting aside time each day to review research and study training methodology. Combined with nearly a decade of in-the-trenches experience as a personal trainer, his clients reap the benefits of a coaching approach that blends science with practicality.

Luke loves to chat about this stuff – so much so that he’s a regular guest on the popular Under the Bar podcast, appearing also on BioDefined radio and Rig radio. He presents seminars for other trainers in the industry and has been engaged by Men’s Health (“Professor of Muscle” feature article) and Disney/Marvel (“The Hulk” promo). Training with Luke is all about embracing and enjoying the process – without the gimmicks, fads and bullshit!