Fanny Tulloch

In life with much stress, training can act as a seriously fun and rewarding part of existing! First we establish where you’re at in life, training and health, then we take actionable steps to increase awareness and activate dormant muscles, this will set the foundation you need to build your body Strong, Lean and Mobile.

Further on, we cultivate Flexibility, Stability and Strength (=Mobility) which are important to enable movement in a wider range of positions. You will build your body Resilient to injuries and Strong to do chin ups, dips, squats, deadlifts and more!

Fanny competed in Wrestling around Sweden and Europe for 10 years prior to moving to Sydney, Australia in 2013. Since, she’s studied the areas of gymnastics, mobility, movement and stretching, and have learnt from Gymnastic Bodies, Ido Portal, Miguel Santana, Yuri Marmerstein, Emmet Louis, Kit Laughlin and Dave Wardman to name a few.

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Ph: 0423050348