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I’m becoming a child!


On Monday, I came home after a full day at work and I laid down for 10minutes of meditation. It is truly wonderful to now be able to lay down and within seconds feel heavy and deeply relaxed (Thank you stretching)! The mind is another thing, often whilst meditating I have some epic ideas (or so I think), I think a lot during my meditation. I’m not always able to let thoughts pass when doing a lying, seated or standing meditation practice. It’s a work in progress…


This time I came to realise that I can turn into a child whenever I want to! If someone was trying to pick me up or move me I can quickly become REALLY heavy. If someone would tell me to hurry up I can move REALLY slow, probably so slow that no one would be able to see me move! If someone would ask me to stop bouncing on the blue mats at work, I would most certainly bounce there LONG after they’ve given up on me.


You see, this is a fantastic thing. Let me elaborate:

  1. To get into a deeply relaxed state, even if not quickly, is not a skill many people possess today. It is fundamental to have the skill of relaxing to avoid unnecessary tension in the body to move, breathe and sleep well.
  2. To move slow might not at first glance seem like the most useful thing in the world but let me explain. If you can move so slow that someone from the outside (who can’t feel it) can barely, if even, see it that means you can control your body, well. Many people move too quickly and aren’t even able to place a mug on the table without waking up the neighbours. Moving slow means You have control.
  3. To bounce is not just for fun and if you’ve seen Tony Robbins bouncing on a trampoline that is not just the next American fad, there’s something to this. Bouncing, or shaking as it’s also called, I’ve found is great to relieve tension in my body! Shaking is something that animals do to relieve stress. You’ll find plenty of people talking about this online and to be honest, I haven’t done my research on it (yet), I shake because shaking FEELS great. When you’ve shaken for a few minutes you’ll walk around “floating”. I can’t do it justice with words, you need to experience it. Watch Ido Portal and Conor McGregor shake in this video:

Watch me bounce at Lift (haha!):


I see these 3 skills as a form of “meditation”. When I do them I need to be present, I need to feel my body and I need to control it. For me meditation doesn’t always equal sitting down on a cushion and emptying my mind from thoughts. For me meditation is about focusing (being present) on something (feeling my body) in a controlled environment (deeply relaxed/moving slowly/shaking) and when I do I automatically don’t think of anything else than what I am currently doing, because it takes concentration!


Luke would likely say that he is in a “meditative state” when he’s playing guitar because his full attention is on playing guitar to the best of his ability. There will then be no room for other thoughts.


I’m not sure your kids are using the skills the same way ? What I do know is that they’re bloody good at them (to a certain age)!

Watch and learn.